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MATE 635

Connectors board to wire or hanging wire to wire, pitch 6.35 mm. Connectors from 2 to 15 contacts with the following configurations: 2x3-3x3-4x3-5x3. Multiple row connectors for PCB are available only in vertical version and single row, from 2 to 8 positions. Models with male contacts for PCB, single row, are suitable for vertical and horizontal mounting.

MATE 635


Series of housing with 6.35 mm pitch for wire to wire and wire to PCB connection, configurations from 1 to 15 positions. Single and multi-row. Male & female terminals for AWG 14-22.

61 - MATE 635 PCB

Series of connectors for PCB straight with 6.35 mm pitch, from 2 to 15 way with the male terminal. Available multi-row versions; 2x2, 2x3, 3x3, 3x4 and 3x5 terminal. A single row version up to 8 contacts, straight and 90° is available in this series.