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MINI 420

Connection board to wire and wire to wire, pitch 4.20 mm, from 2 to 24 way (double row) and from 2 to 5 way (single row). The PCB male connectors are in THT and SMT version for both vertical or horizontal mounting on the PCB. Hanging housing for cable (male and female)with terminal for cables from AWG 24 to AWG 16. Female blocks with possible retention tabs per panel.

MINI 420


Connection series, pitch 4,20 mm, male and female housing from 2 to 24 positions, single & double row, female housing with tabs for panel mounting. Terminals for cable from 24 AWG to 18 AWG.

68 - MINI 420 THT

Connection series, pitch 4,20 mm for PCB, single & double row. Connectors straight and 90°, from 2 to 24 positions. Packed in tray, optional in tube or reel.